9 октября 2020

Next steps in digitisation for Delphy

Data platform supplier 30MHz and research and consultancy company Delphy have entered into a partnership. In addition, Delphy uses the data platform as an analysis tool among its consultants while at the same time developing cultivation-related applications itself. These in turn will be available to all users of the platform in an app store-like environment. […] Читать дальше…

20 февраля 2020

Willem van Eldik (62) passed away

Yesterday, Sunday 19 April, we were informed by the unimaginable message that our colleague Willem van Eldik died completely unexpectedly because of a heart failure. Willem turned 62 last March. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the immediate family of Willem, his wife Joke and the children Chris and Renske, their partners and (grand) […] Читать дальше…

20 мая 2019

NEW: Advanced course Button Mushrooms

What does the smell of button mushroom substrate have to do with a data scientist? Both come together in this practical Advanced course Growing Mushrooms. Delphy Mushrooms organises the first Advanced course Button Mushrooms. Experienced growing specialists will learn you all steps in successful mushroom growing, both working with substrate blocks and using the head-filling […] Читать дальше…

17 мая 2019

Short Course “Growing Edible Mushrooms”

  Delphy Mushrooms (“Dutch Mushroom School”) is proud to present you our new Short Course “Growing Edible Mushrooms”. During this course all aspects of growing with sterilized and pasteurized substrates will be dealt with. A unique opportunity to get informed about the latest developments, to expand your knowledge and to get new contacts in the […] Читать дальше…

2 мая 2019

Short Course Mushroom Composting (Agaricus) 21 – 25 oktober 2019

Necessary opportunities and challenges for everyone working in the mushroom sector. Quality continues to prevail. This can only be achieved with the right raw materials and a good tools. Delphy Mushrooms (“Dutch Mushroom School”) organises short courses composting. A unique opportunity to get informed about the latest developments, to refresh your knowledge and to get new contacts […] Читать дальше…

22 января 2019

Training 2019: Short Courses Delphy Mushrooms

Delphy Mushrooms (“Dutch Mushroom School”) organises Short Courses on the subjects composting, mushroom growing and edible mushroom growing. A unique opportunity to get informed about the latest developments, refreshing your knowledge and getting new contacts in the mushroom business. The Short Courses are executed by Niek de Ligt en Jan Gielen. The official language is […] Читать дальше…