Delphy Improvement Centre

Delphy Improvement Centre develops innovation to application within sustainable cultivation systems for Greenhouse Horticulture and Indoor Farming. With our team of researchers in Greenhouse Horticulture and Indoor Farming, we create new knowledge and skills for entrepreneurs. We do this through research; demonstration and knowledge implementation.

All our activities are aimed at practical application and more profitable horticulture worldwide. Our high-tech greenhouse and indoor facilities are a key element in connecting research, innovation and practical application.

Research and knowledge development for practical applications takes place in the areas of

  • Crop & cultivation optimisation
  • LED Lighting & light spectrum
  • Energy saving & greenhouse climate
  • Digitalisation & sensor technology
  • Plant health & resilient cultivation
  • Variety research & demonstration

The high-tech facilities available to Delphy Improvement Centre are

Greenhouse horticulture

6 departments of 1.000 m²
2 departments of 500 m²
12 departments of 150 m²
4 departments of 250 m²

Indoor Farming

2 climate chambers with 6 growing compartments each
1 growth cell with 5 towers, each with 4 layers
1 growth cell of 80m² for tall crops

We adapt our research facilities to specific project requirements and conditions.

Research at Delphy Improvement Centre

Delphy Improvement Centre carries out crop-related research using innovations and a diversity of cultivation systems. Results from research and demonstration can be used directly by entrepreneurs and contribute directly to their results. Delphy Improvement Centre distinguishes itself by the close link with Delphy’s advisors who visit the company on a daily basis. Demand for knowledge and supply of knowledge come together at Delphy, which benefits the entrepreneur. A cultivation advisor is also part of the supervisory committee, so that practical cultivation knowledge is present.

Accredited knowledge institution

Delphy Improvement Centre is a recognised knowledge institution. This allows publicly funded research. Public-private experiments are carried out, combining funding from a public source with a private contribution from entrepreneurs, crop organisations or suppliers. This form of funding provides open knowledge development, with knowledge becoming freely available to all. Besides these public-private projects, we also carry out 100% privately funded projects where the results accrue exclusively to the client(s).

Knowledge Implementation

Developed knowledge must be applied and implemented. Delphy Improvement Centre offers a range of possibilities for this, besides the usual publications. The projects with open knowledge development are visited by (inter)national entrepreneurs, we organise knowledge days and events where results are shared and suppliers use the demonstration projects to show their technique or development to potential customers. Of course, individual coaching also takes place to apply new knowledge at the company.

Delphy Improvement Centre

Welcome to the Delphy research location Improvement Centre. Here we conduct research in Greenhouse Horticulture. We Grow Knowledge!