Sustainable Development Goals

Delphy and the Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals are known worldwide as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In 2015, all 193 member countries of the United Nations (UN) adopted the goals. With these goals for 2030, these countries aim to achieve a sustainable world for all, where no one is left out.

Delphy’s impact

Sustainability in the more strict definition means a way of cultivation that uses resources as efficiently as possible and puts as little strain on the environment as possible. This requires that the farmer or horticulturist can achieve a good yield price. In modern words: a ‘sustainable’ way of growing. This is where many UN goals come together. This is the core business of the consultants’ and researchers’ work. The whole of agriculture and horticulture is in transition. How do you use water more economically and efficiently? How do you switch to greener crop protection? How do you maintain soil quality in the longer term? How do you make nature work for you? How do you reduce the burden on nature and the environment? These questions are addressed in individual advice and projects. If it is necessary to tackle a challenge more deeply or more broadly, it is tackled in project form, often together with partners.

We Make Growers Better

With its knowledge and expertise in food & flowers, Delphy contributes to the SDGs on health, food safety, sustainability and well-being for people on earth. Worldwide, this is expressed in advice, research, projects, training and data-driven cultivation. We Make Growers Better!