Research at Delphy

Research is one of our five pillars. Our researchers solve practical problems, focusing on digitalisation, climate-proof cultivation and robust cultivation systems. We do research at Delphy research locations in Bleiswijk (greenhouse vegetables, ornamental horticulture, indoor farming), Horst (soft fruit), Hazerswoude (Tree cultivation and perennial crops), Randwijk (hard & stone fruit), Hillegom (flower bulbs) and at various arable farms (including Emmer-Compascuum and Colijnsplaat).

Global practical research

We also conduct research worldwide. Topics include salinisation, drought, extreme temperatures, lack of knowledge. Delphy is committed to improving growers around the world under our motto:

We Make Growers Better!


Research topics

Delphy Research's focus is on Robust Cultivation Systems, Digitalisation and Climate Resilient Cultivation.

Robust cultivation systems

  • Diversification of crops
  • Use resistant crop varieties
  • Soil health and water management
  • Sustainable agricultural practice


  • Crop optimisation through precision farming
  • Data analysis as decision support
  • Robotics: less labour, more efficiency
  • Climate and resource management

Climate resilient cultivation

  • Resilient systems and crops
  • More stability in food security and income
  • Reduced irrigation and environmental impact
  • Greater grip on long-term planning

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