Innovative sustainable fruit growing systems

The aim of the project is to make fruit farming in Zeeland more sustainable by growing healthy and robust crops while preserving nature and biodiversity in an economic perspective for the sector.

System approach

The whole system is important. Our approach is systematic and takes into account future crop protection challenges. Within this project, we address several themes, including pear scab, apple blossom beetle and sawflies. This system approach fits within the ambitions of the sector and meets the requirements of the government (as per the Crop Protection Vision 2030 Implementation Programme) and the wishes of consumers and retailers.

Knowledge implementation

We translate the knowledge we have gained, especially in the PPS project “System approach Sustainable Cultivation for the Fruit Growing of Tomorrow” (LWV20320) conducted by WUR, into practical applications. We implement these on practical farms. We share the results with other fruit growers, both organic and conventional (NFO, Prisma), and with advisers/intermediaries who play an important role on fruit farms.

Together, we are working towards a sustainable future for Zeeland fruit farming. Your involvement is invaluable.

We Make Growers Better!


This study runs from January 2022 to December 2024

Related Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 12 | Working from a systems approach to future-proof fruit farming
SDG 17 | Cooperation with growers

icon of UN Sustainable Development Goal 12: 12. Responsible Consumption and Production12. Responsible Consumption and Production
icon of UN Sustainable Development Goal 17: 17. Partnerships to achieve the Goal17. Partnerships to achieve the Goal


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