ADaM & PreciLa

The potential of data collection and processing with algorithms is enormous, but as yet underutilised by the implementation of precision agriculture. ADaM&PreciLa aims, through improved Agri-DataManagement (ADaM), technical innovations and practical demonstrations, to bring Precision Agriculture (PreciLa) in Flanders and the Netherlands to the grower. The focus is on fruit growing and arable farming.


We test various applications such as

  • variable fertilisation and growth control
  • smart irrigation
  • variable seeding

to generate and translate raw data into practical advice. Data on crops during growth and harvest will be collected using existing and new techniques to arrive at interpretable information. Based on that data, we will test and demonstrate various variable crop measures (variable fertilisation/growth control, irrigation, spraying and sowing/planting) using task maps.

To be able to apply precision agriculture, it is also necessary to have all data visible in one connected platform, from which the data can be visualised and shared between different actors (data collector, grower, advisor, …). We want to achieve this by expanding the platforms of the project partners and sharing data in a standardised way with various data providers and buyers. Existing ambiguities about the technical aspects of precision agriculture such as the required level of precision will be removed. Finally, growers need a clear understanding of the associated investment and operating costs compared to the potential additional yield and the value of the data generated (i.e. an economic evaluation) to bring precision agriculture into practice.


Delphy is actively participating in the implementation of experiments in the southern provinces of the Netherlands, with a focus on fruit growing and arable farming.


In the coming years, we plan several (demonstration) events to showcase our progress and share knowledge. We Make Growers Better!


This project runs from April 2023 to the end of March 2026.

Related Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 12 | Effective and efficient deployment of cultivation operations per tree or zone. The aim is to make the right decision for each tree and plant.
SDG 17 | Knowledge exchange between countries (Netherlands – Flanders) and sectors (arable farming – fruit growing) to learn from each other and further develop precision agriculture together.

icon of UN Sustainable Development Goal 12: 12. Responsible Consumption and Production12. Responsible Consumption and Production
icon of UN Sustainable Development Goal 17: 17. Partnerships to achieve the Goal17. Partnerships to achieve the Goal


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