Successful “Delphy Digital Summit” in Kingsville, Canada!

8 April 2024

We look back on a successful edition of the ‘Delphy Digital Summit’, which took place on Wednesday, March 20 in Kingsville, Canada. The theme of the afternoon was: data-driven cultivation management. Max van den Hemel and Niels van der Geest, both Cultivation Engineers from Delphy Digital, kicked off the afternoon with the questions: digitalization, what does it all include? How do I digitalize my cultivation management? They complete this concrete explanation by explaining how to get the most out of your data by using QMS Tomato. Growers and consultants use QMS Tomato from Delphy to set up a cultivation strategy. With this program they show a number of practical examples of how cultivation can be understood based on data. The program also supports the grower in making cultivation decisions. Guest speaker Cees Ammerlaan (BASF Nunhems) introduced the audience to the role that digitalization plays in the breeding and monitoring of different varieties. With the emphasis on collecting good quality data, Cees focuses on the varieties in the pre-commercial phase. Mechatronix was also a sponsor of this Summit: they recently completed their local production of LED lamps in Leamington to provide their customers in this region of the world with lighting installations through this new branch. There was plenty of room for conversation and discussion about the knowledge provided during the breaks. With growers from the region and various suppliers from the sector, a broad, interested audience was present.

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