Development Master Plan Agriculture Neom

Food of the future in Neom: sustainable agriculture for a growing population

Sustainability and climate resilience are crucial aspects in feeding the future city of Neom, which will be home to an expected population of more than 2 million people. The unique challenge of an arid climate and desert-like soil requires an innovative approach to local food production, while sustainability is key.

A sustainable production system

To meet this challenge, we have worked intensively to design a production system that is sustainable and climate-resilient in the long term. Our goal is to provide healthy, circular food for a diverse population in Neom. We used Climate Smart Agriculture and Agro Forestry techniques, and implemented various methods ranging from open field cultivation to advanced greenhouse systems.

From exploration to realisation

We began with a thorough exploration of current soil and climate conditions. This information formed the basis for identifying crops that can thrive in this environment and meet local demand, as determined by our extensive research. We designed a crop rotation scheme that promotes sustainability in economic, biodiversity, soil health, water use and climate change terms. By including different crops in the rotation, we have avoided pests and diseases in the soil as much as possible.

Promoting soil quality and water efficiency

To prevent the development of problematic nematodes and fungi, we carefully planted crops in the right order. Moreover, we incorporated grains and legumes to improve soil quality. Factors such as water efficiency and salinity are also integrated into our approach to ensure sustainability. With this approach, we hope to contribute to the development of climate-smart agriculture that not only fulfils local needs but also leaves the soil and planet in optimal conditions for Neom’s future generations. Together, we are working towards a sustainable future for this emerging city: We Make Growers Better!


This project started at the end of November 2022.

Related Sustainable Development Goals

11 | Sustainable cities and communities
Neom aims to be the most sustainable city in the world, with zero emissions and local produce supported by solar and wind energy. This requires circular cultivation, soil improvement and organic farming, with smart devices for irrigation, recirculation and fertilisation.

12 | Responsible consumption and production
Neom aims to be a place where people can live healthy lives and enjoy sustainable lifestyles, including healthy food patterns and food systems that match them

13 | Climate action
The whole scheme is focused on zero waste, zero carbon footprint, zero emissions and recirculating systems that improve existing conditions (planting trees, greening the desert).

15 | Life on land
The site is currently subject to degeneration due to climatic conditions and salinity. This makes life on land difficult to sustain. The project should improve living conditions and create safe havens for urbanisation.

17 | Partnerships to achieve the goal
We cooperate with Dutch suppliers in the fields of greenhouse construction, vertical farming, data-driven growing and many others to achieve the above.


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