Workshop Scouten

Growers and crop workers are the eyes in the greenhouse. They see every plant every week and if pest and diseases are recognized at an early stage, damage to the crop can be limited or perhaps even prevented.

What do you learn?

In this accessible and practical workshop, lasting 2 afternoons, we teach the principles of scouting (monitoring) the crop.

How do you recognize important diseases and pests such as Thrips, Tuta, whitefly and Nesi? How do you mark locations? How are the adhesive plates counted? When is it necessary to report a problem or when not?

The result

In 2 afternoons, participants will learn to recognize the most important pest and diseases that they may encounter during crop work. He/she knows how and when to report them. As a grower, you will be quickly informed if there are problems and you can limit the damage.

If employees can scout, they become more involved with the crop and that motivates and enthuses them in their daily work.

After the course, the participant receives a photo booklet with the most important diseases and pests.

Planning 2024

Summer: June 18 and 25, region Bleiswijk, Netherlands
Time: 13.00 – 16.30 hrs. (CET)

Autumn: Sept. 24 and Oct. 1st, region Horst, Netherlands
Time: 13.00 – 16.30 hrs. (CET)

Spring: Not planned yet.

How does it work?

Learning is best done when you link words to situations. That’s why we go into the greenhouse, preferably at one of the participants. In two half-days you will learn to recognize the most important diseases and pests. The design of the training is a very effective way to learn a lot in a short time.


More information:

It is possible to customize this training. Standard options are NL/EN. Polish or another language is possible on request – for this Delphy Academy works together with a company specialized in language and business training.
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