Toegepaste Plantfysiologie

It is a challenge to speak the grower’s language. Terms such as generative, vegetative, 24-hour temperature and sink/source are technical terms that you want and need to understand if you work in greenhouse horticulture. For example, “humidity control” means regulating the humidity in the greenhouse, but why is it important and why do growers find it difficult? What dilemmas are involved?

‘Green-fingers are not genetically determined but available for everyone’ (Quote of a participant)

What do you learn?

In this basic training “Toegepaste Plantfysiologie” you learn the specific concepts of greenhouse horticulture and how to use them in your daily work. Green fingers start with the basics and that is speaking the same (horticulture) language.

This training is organised in spring and autumn.

Planning 2024

This training is organized twice a year.

Autumn: start 18th November, every Monday, Bleiswijk
Time: 13.00 – 16.30 hour (CET)

 Spring: Not planned yet. Interested? Please email us!

The result

After this intensive training you will understand the following ten concepts, you can apply them and are able to expand your knowledge in your work:

  • Photosynthesis
  • Transpiration
  • Generative/ Vegetative
  • Sink/ Source
  • 24h temperature
  • Plant load
  • Stomata
  • LAI
  • Water uptake
  • Nutrients uptake

How does it work?

Learning is best done when you link words to situations. That is why we will go into the greenhouse also. In three half-days you will learn how a plant grows, how to assess it, how growth develops and what control options a grower has. The tempo is high and therefore the training is very intensive. It is an effective way to learn a lot in a short time.

It is possible to customize this training. Options are online, on location or in Dutch. For more information send an email to


More informatie:

Is is possible to customize this training. Options are online, on location or NL/EN.
For more information send an email to

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