Bemesting in de Glastuinbouw

For whom?

For anybody who would like to learn more about Fertigation in Horticulture. This expert training is intended for everybody with some experience in horticulture or preliminary education with chemistry or the online training Introduction to basics of Fertigation in Horticulture.

In this online training you will learn about the chemical aspects of nutrients and fertilization, how to adept and calculate your fertilizers scheme, about pH and EC, and how the different nutrients are used by a plant. It is an expert-level training. Some prior knowledge or experience with these subjects is required.

The training will be conducted in Dutch. We also offer this training in English, on other dates.

‘This training enables you to listen to your crop and react accordingly.’ (Quote of a participant)

What do you learn?

  • To read an analysis and understand how a fertigation scheme is calculated.
  • How does the plant absorb nutritional elements;
  • What are main- and spore elements, what  function do they have;
  • How to recognize a deficiency?
  • Why is pH so important, how to influence?

“Nitrogen can be offered in 2 ways, as Nitrate or Ammonium. The plant has a strong preference for Ammonium. With an excessive Ammonium gift, the pH can drop too much resulting in dieback of roots. This directly leads to loss of yield.”

Planning 2024

This online training is organized twice a year.

Autum: start 6th September 2024, every Friday, 7x online
Time: 10.00 – 11.30 hour (CET)

Spring: the planning is still being made. If you are interested, please email us!

The result

You will understand the principals of Fertigation. This will help you to develop your work in horticultural business. A certificate of participation is provided after the training.

How does it work?

This training is given online by the teacher. You participate by listening to the lectures and discuss the topics with the teacher. You can ask questions and have to make the exercises. It is like a real life class with a lot of interaction but it is online!


More informatie:

It is possible to customize this training. Options are online, on location or NL/EN.
For more information send an email to

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