LED at Ornamentals and Perennials

At the Delphy research location for tree nursery, perennials and ornamentals is one of its glasshouse compartments equipped with LED armatures. The purpose of the trials is to gather information about the possibilities, gains and don’ts in ornamental crops.

The diversity of this ornamentals is enormous, so the possible effects are also. Together with growers, simple experiments with their own crops are designed to gather some information about advantages, or disadvantages for sustainable production.

The aim is to:

  • Regulate growth, flowering, rooting (compact growth, more and equal flowering, quicker rooting at young plants)
  • Reduce energy input (heating, conventional light)
  • Reduce the use of crop protection products (because the crop is more ‘active’)


If you are interested, please contact us. Together we discover the possibilities for your own crops.


Related Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 7: Efficacy of energy input at ornamental crops.

icon of UN Sustainable Development Goal 7: 7. Affordable and Clean Energy7. Affordable and Clean Energy