GOOD: Agroecological weed management systems and protocols

Sustainable Weed Management Systems for Growers

Through a multidisciplinary approach, GOOD aims to create, implement and evlute Agroecological Weed Management systems and protocols. We demonstrate how the application of AWM can greatly reduce the use of synthetic herbicides and improve the sustainability, productivity and resilience of cropping systems.

Project GOOD follows a multi-actor and participatory approach. The four-year project includes an Agroecological Weed Management Network (AWMN) with 16 living labs, also known as Living Labs (LLs). The aim is to improve co-creation of knowledge, support decision-making by farmers and promote acceptance of AWM approaches.

AWM forms both a physical network of LLs where stakeholders and partners share knowledge and experiences, and a digital network of all relevant actors in the agri-food value chain. We also connect with other projects and networks focusing on agroecology and Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Our ultimate goal is to become a physical and digital hub facilitating the transition to agroecology. The solutions proposed by GOOD focus on using cover crops and improving their competitiveness against weeds through inoculation with beneficial micro-organisms. In addition, we combine cover crops with other AWM methods and digital solutions to reduce weed pressure and herbicide use.

Delphy involvement

Delphy organises one of 16 Living Labs at Rusthoeve Trial Site, Colijnsplaat. Crop choice is seeding onion. In autumn 2023, we will start sowing three different green manure crops as a pre-crop for the onions that will come onto the plot in 2024. Various innovative methods of weed control will be tested, compared to ‘mainstream’.


Discover how GOOD Agroecological Weed Management Systems and Protocols (AWM) improves the sustainability, productivity and resilience of cropping systems. Become a partner in our Agroecological Weed Management Network (AWMN) and make the switch to sustainable weed management.

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