Beatles: accelerating behavioural change towards climate-smart agriculture(technologies)

Together Stronger: Delphy and BEATLES work on Sustainable Agriculture

Delphy is proud to be part of BEATLES, an innovative project co-sponsored by the EU. Together with 16 other organisations from 12 European countries, we form a powerful Multi-stakeholder platform. Our goal? To find solutions to current challenges in agriculture. Together with Wageningen Research, we represent the Netherlands in this project.

Started in autumn 2022, this project will last four years. During this period, we will focus on five different value chains. For our Dutch partners, this means we focus specifically on the sustainable chains of onions and (table) potatoes. We aim for soil improvement and a more efficient use of water.

Challenges and Solutions

The biggest challenges lie in appreciating the efforts and costs incurred by the different links in the chain. But we are ready to take them on. How? By working on the following aspects:

  1. Chains in Map: We have identified ‘lock-ins’ for sustainability in cultivation, chain and policy. This was done by conducting surveys among farmers and consumers and a literature review.
  2. Behavioural experiments: We conduct experiments to investigate the impact of selected behavioural interventions on the adoption of sustainable, climate-friendly practices.
  3. Sustainability assessment: We assess the sustainability of the behavioural interventions and climate-smart farming practices used in the experiments.
  4. Business Models and Market Conditions: We develop realistic business models that match the needs of identified market segments.
  5. Policy: We draft policy recommendations and tools.

Stay informed

Follow the progress of the BEATLES project through our social media channels, on YouTube @beatles_EU and the website. Here you can also subscribe to our newsletter. Are you interested in what this project can do for you? Then get in touch with one of our Delphy experts.

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