Arable farming and Water Quality

As part of the 7th Action Programme, a national pilot is being launched with practical farms in regions where solving the problem of nutrient loads on ground and/or surface water is now most urgent.


With 14 arable farms on South East Sand and North East Sand, we are working towards the following goals:

  • Creating and seeking prospects for arable farming within and beyond the 7th AP
  • Optimisation of choices within the 7th AP at farm level.
  • Develop and test innovations on top of the 7th AP that significantly reduce N&P emissions to ground and surface water.

Project duration

From January 2023, the end date is tentatively 31-12 2024. The intention is to run the project until at least 31-12-2025 (end of period 7th Nitrate Action Plan). Possibly beyond that under the 8th Nitrate Action Plan.

Related Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 6 | Main goal of the project is to reduce N and P emissions to ground and surface water, while maintaining yield and quality.
SDG 13 | Soil and fertilisation are important in relation to climate change and greenhouse gas emissions.

icon of UN Sustainable Development Goal 6: 6. Clean Water and Sanitation6. Clean Water and Sanitation
icon of UN Sustainable Development Goal 13: 13. Climate Action13. Climate Action


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