Theo Roelofs Consultant Cut Flowers

I support land-bound cut flower growers in optimising their operations. This obviously involves the purely technical business processes such as climate control, fertilisation and crop protection. But I also 'get involved' in the other issues that are important for good management, such as investments, work organisation, and mechanisation. Growers use our software program QMS Chrysanthemum, developed by Delphy for crop planning and growth modelling. Because we as Delphy are an independent consultancy organisation, in my daily work I only have to take into account the interests of the client I am working for at that moment. It is 'honest' work. No other commercial interests play a role. As a Delphy consultant, I am constantly busy with the innovations occurring in my sector. That is inspiring, motivating and just great fun. I deal with horticultural entrepreneurs all day long. And that's great people!