Johnny Remijn Consultant Arable Farming

My advice focuses on crop plans, fertilisation plans and crop protection plans. During the growing season (April-July), I go on farm and field visits to advise on cultivation actions such as fertilisation, crop protection and irrigation. I also guide my clients in administrative matters such as Combined Declaration, Global Gap and Planet Proof certification. My specialism is crop protection. I compile the Delphy publication 'Gewasbeschermingsgids Akkerbouw en Veehouderij' (Crop protection guide for arable and livestock farming) and have a lot of contact with suppliers and distributors of crop protection products. I also support colleagues by sharing current affairs around crop protection products with them. I supervise the Seed Potato Academy South West Netherland. Together with a Delphy chartered surveyor, I carry out crop valuations in crops that have suffered damage. Being able to work independently and ensuring healthy crops and safe food production are my daily motivation.