Fertilisation Consultancy – Open Crops

Delphy is all about effective fertilisation, with plant sap analysis as a key tool. We minimise fertiliser use, keep costs down and ensure that every crop benefits optimally.

Our approach starts with a client visit, where we draw up the plan and choose the right fertiliser. Organic fertiliser is our base, tailored to crop needs. During the season, we often monitor with plant sap analyses and in autumn we evaluate our approach.

Delphy is independent and can therefore focus on cost-reducing choices, such as minimising fertiliser use.

World-wide active

Delphy’s independent cultivation experts are active worldwide in all plant sectors: arable farming, outdoor vegetables, tree cultivation, flower bulb cultivation, soft fruit, top fruit and stone fruit, ornamental horticulture, greenhouse horticulture and in more and more niches.

Knowledge sharing

Our advisers promote knowledge sharing and discuss new research and practical applications. We organise sector-specific training courses and have a deep understanding of suppliers and buyers, allowing us to help you with investment decisions.

Linked to the sector

Our experts are closely linked to the sector and share their knowledge through study groups, demonstration days and conferences. We strive to continuously improve your cultivation and business in sustainable cultivation methods and innovation. Our advisers are always available, committed and familiar with the sector from the inside, ready to think with you.


Internationally, we work with investors to organise complete cultivation operations, such as in Kazakhstan, where we train and support local growers. We conduct feasibility studies for investors and coordinate projects from planning to construction realisation.