Luc Remijn Consultant Arable Farming

I am an all-round senior advisor on arable farming in Schouwen-Duiveland, North and South Beveland. Every day, I visit diverse arable farms for tailor-made advice. Fertilisation, crop plan discussion, CAP, crop protection and mechanisation questions, as well as nematode control and conservation are some of the areas of knowledge I include in my advice. Freedom, nice colleagues and especially appreciation by clients are the main reasons I have been a consultant at Delphy for years. We sell knowledge and no physical products. That makes us completely independent. Besides being an adviser, I am also account manager of the Onion Innovation Knowledge Centre (UIKC), a cooperation between Delphy and the Rusthoeve experimental farm in the field of onions. Under the name of UIKC, many trials are carried out annually and every year in August, on the last Thursday, we organise Onion Day.