Increasing the Efficiency of Potato Value Chain In the Great Lakes Region Rwanda

Together with five partners, Agriterra, Hollanda FairFoods (HFF), Seed Potato Fund (SPF), MoneyPhone (MP) and MinAgri-Rwanda, Delphy is involved in a Sustainable Development Goal Project from RVO.


The aim of the project is to ‘Strengthen the potato value chain in the great lakes region of Rwanda’, including both the seed potato and ware potato value chain. The implementation of the project was started in 2019, and is coming to a close this year (2023).


Throughout the project there have been many challenges and successes, some of the larger milestones have to be

  • The aeroponics facility producing mini-tubers (300,000 per year)
  • The yield increase for farmers (from a baseline of 8 – 12 tons/ha to >20 tons/ha)
  • The development of farming as a business with the cooperatives, storages and storage techniques
  • The market linkages that have been established.


Strengthening of the value chain has been approached in four ways; development in hardware capacity of the seed potato supplier (SPF), and the off-taker (HFF), increase of local teams from the value chain actors, training of farmers and cooperatives to increase cultivation techniques and farming as a business, and linking of the value chain actors.

Delphy involvement

Delphy is involved as the lead partner, and as the training provider. Delphy has focused on coordinating the field work (performed by agronomists from multiple companies), and has delivered tailormade training for agronomists, guidance on farmer field days, and project coordination.

  • Aimable Uwihanganye is the project’s coordinator for all field related activities, guiding farmers and agronomists.
  • Keith Kamoso is in charge of partner management and ensuring that the project reaches its goals.
  • Bouwiene Zwaan is the project manager, overseeing activities, needs from the partners and from the donor (RVO).


These companies have participated in the project

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