Shady Matta Project Manager Internationaal

I am currently working as a project manager and business developer at Delphy. In my position, I am actively involved in leading Delphy projects in the Middle East and Egypt. I also work as a business developer and entrepreneur, constantly looking for new acquisition opportunities. My mindset is focused on identifying and exploiting business opportunities and I have a passion for creating win-win situations for all parties involved. Working with Delphy fuels my passion for the areas that interest me most. Delphy's business approach not only provides a healthy working environment, but also gives employees the space to innovate, grow and develop. There is a strong connection between my personal interests and passions and the work I do at Delphy. Specifically, I focus on two main pillars. First, I have a passion for project management and enjoy working with others on new business ideas. Secondly, I have a keen interest in wildflowers, medicinal herbs and outdoor activities, which ties in closely with my current responsibilities.