René Corsten Senior Consultant Chrysanthemum and potted plants

Giving advice at farms is my passion. This usually involves company-wide individual advice (climate, crop protection, fertilisation, planning, labour, cost price, sales). I also give courses and presentations, guide excursion groups and support research and future developments in the sector. Delphy specialises in advice and research. By being active and curious in all the different branches of the business, Delphy is the ideal place to further develop yourself, with the result that you can maximally support companies in optimising their results and future developments. In the end, that's what you do it for! Plants are my passion, so Delphy is the ideal place to put this passion into practice. I also have a passion for future-proofing society, including our sector! The key word in the solution here is innovation. No resistance, but full speed ahead and making the sector circular, climate-neutral, in short, society-friendly and planet-proof.