Peter Morrenhof Consultant Tree Cultivation and Perennials

I am an adviser with Team Tree cultivation and Perennials in the East Netherlands region. I advise both tree and perennial growers and also summer flower growers. I give advice in crop protection, fertilisation, pruning, cuttings and all other cultivation-related matters. Besides advisory work, I also give presentations and organise meetings for growers. I want to work with and for growers on knowledge and knowledge development. Problems and challenges on a farm motivate me to work on a solution. The knowledge and expertise that Delphy already has in this area gives me a lot of encouragement to go further and provide my input. Together you get much further. In any case, I have always been interested in plants. I grew up with a nursery, so the passion for growing plants has been there since childhood. I also love being in nature, both in the Netherlands and abroad.