Kees Kranenburg Consultant Greenhouse Horticulture

I supervise and visit greenhouse farms in Russian-speaking countries and Asia. I help them with making cultivation plans, propagation with possible grafting, working with the climate computer, managing irrigation with also making recipes and reading analyses, implementing IPM and enforcing it, chemical intervention and using hygiene protocols. Through online connection and sometimes Delphy Digital, I have continuous contact during my stay in the Netherlands. I gained my knowledge during my career as an independent grower for 30 years. Much of this knowledge cannot be learned at any school or course. In order not to let this knowledge go to waste, I transfer it to new generations in international horticulture because I am convinced that protected crops are the only solution to keep the growing world population healthy. Being a grower is a lifestyle and growing vegetables does not disappear from your genes. So I have my own garden where I grow many kinds of fruits and vegetables. My ideal is that there should be no more hunger in the world. Something that is not at all impossible.