Delphy’s roots

At the end of the 19th century, when the need for increased food production grew, the Dutch government decided that increasing knowledge was the solution. This resulted in the agricultural college and the agricultural information service. Thanks to this knowledge, the Netherlands grew into the second largest exporting country of agricultural products worldwide.

From general knowledge to customization

When the government decided to withdraw from the development and application of practical knowledge in the late 1990s, Delphy, formerly known as DLV Plant, took over the ‘Agriculture Information Service’ through a management buy-out. This transition meant the end of general knowledge and the beginning of tailor-made expertise, tailored to specific questions from growers and partners. With a growing demand for practical solutions, Delphy started research initiatives in 2007, often carried out at its own research locations. In 2006, GreenQ established a research location for greenhouse horticulture. In 2013, DLV Plant and GreenQ merged under the name Delphy. The start of a strong and unique partner for advice, research, training and projects in vegetable agriculture and horticulture.

Delphi worldwide

Recognizing the global demand for knowledge, Delphy embarked on a comprehensive internationalization strategy in 2007. All over the world we lead projects, conduct research, provide data-driven or live cultivation advice and provide specialized training. Delphy has its own branches with local experts in various countries.

The essence of Delphy

Knowledge development and application are the foundation of Delphy’s existence. Knowledge plays a crucial role in food production and improves the well-being of people worldwide. We are dedicated professionals with a shared passion: we make growers better.