Delphy launches ‘Green Guide’ app

23 January 2024

Delphy’s Green Guide app gives growers and other users an overview of green crop protection products and biostimulants available in practice, including an independent assessment by Delphy.

Delphy assessed the products for seven sectors on product information, independent research and practical experience (strawberries, flower bulbs, woody small fruit, large fruit, trees & perennials, arable farming and outdoor vegetables). The app also provides information on how these products work. Upon purchase, customers also receive a comprehensive brochure with general information on green products and biostimulants.

We constantly update the app with the latest information on biostimulants and green products. So you always have the latest information, reviews and experiences on available biostimulants and green products in your sector!

The app costs €155 (ex VAT) per licence per year and is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play. Only available in Dutch

Information and order

Please send an email to or call Klaas van Egmond, M +31 (0)6 41 90 05 72.

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