The five success factors for data-driven management

7 May 2024
Discover the future of cultivation management with our latest whitepaper on ‘the five success factors for data-driven management.’ In this [...]

Successful “Delphy Digital Summit” in Kingsville, Canada!

8 April 2024
We look back on a successful edition of the ‘Delphy Digital Summit’, which took place on Wednesday, March 20 in [...]

QMS Leaf Juice

4 December 2023
Combining leaf juice analyses with crop- and cultivation-stage-specific target values, the leaf juice analysis module advises on fertilisation. Leaf sap [...]

QMS Water

4 December 2023
Precise Irrigation Control with QMS Water A model for controlling irrigation for arable crops. Based, among other things, on data [...]

QMS Fruit Cultivation

4 December 2023
Root pruning based on drone footage A component of QMS Fruitteelt is the root pruning module. Based on drone images, [...]

QMS Phalaenopsis

17 December 2023
QMS Phalaenopsis provides insight into the growth of Phalaenopsis plants by recording leaf and stem data, flowers and buds.  

QMS Chrysanthemum

4 December 2023
The power of QMS Chrysanthemum: efficient data-driven growing In chrysanthemum growing, with its complex growing schedules and rapid rotations, data-driven [...]

QMS Strawberry

17 December 2023
QMS Strawberry calculates various scenarios of a cultivation plan. Company- and variety-specific information is the basis for an optimal ‘start [...]

QMS Tree Cultivation

17 December 2023
QMS Tree Cultivation has 15 disease and pest warning models. Infection pressure is determined based on weather stations at nurseries.

QMS SolFer

17 December 2023
QMS SolFer (Solube Fertilizers) is applied to calculate fertiliser recipes in systems with soluble nutrients (A&B tanks/injection).