Delphy Oeganda

Delphy Team Uganda implements knowledge in all areas of cultivation:

  • Delphy advises growers, farmers and breeders;
  • Delphy can assist your company or organisation with tailor made advise about Global Gap certification and HACCP Plans;
  • Delphy implements cultivation concepts;
  • Delphy provides (customized) trainings;
  • Delphy develops turnkey projects and executes them;
  • Delphy takes responsibility for operational management;

Projects Delphy Uganda:

Tailor Made Training: “Empowering women to improve sustainable vegetable farming and food security”.
Funded by Nuffic
Partner: FACOM

Tailor Made Training: “Strengthening climate resilience and profitability of the horticultural sector in Uganda”
Funded by Nuffic

Farm Management Plan and Farm Infrastructure Planning
Client: COFIA (Circle of Friends in Action – Tororo)

“SDGP Innovating the Ugandan Potato Value Chain”
Funded by RVO

Partners: Delphy, Hollanda Fair Foods Uganda, Stichting Agriterra, Kisoro Potato Processing Industries Ltd, NARO, Uganda National Seed Potato Producers Association Ltd
Services: project management, baseline study, stakeholder management, field trainings, ToT program, organizing farmer field days, demonstrations etc.

Roadmap Ugandan Potato Value Chain
Client: RVO, Dutch Embassy in Uganda
Services: project management, stakeholder analysis and management, extended desk research and field research, round table meetings, value chain analysis, workshop with stakeholders

Delphy implements various value-chain projects in the East African region a.o. “SDGP Innovating the Ugandan Potato Value Chain” in Uganda; and “SDGP Increased potato value chain efficiency in Great Lakes Region” in Rwanda.
The SDGP project ”Innovating the Ugandan Potato value chain” has recently completed its inception phase and full implementation is expected to start as per 1 October 2021. The project runs until May 2024.
The project aims to improve the potato value chain by improving yields, adding value by processing and making the potato value chain effective and efficient so various players will benefit more.
The project addresses the whole potato value chain. The carefully selected consortium partners play a complementary role being seed potato producers, ware potato producers, processors, knowledge implementations, researchers and farmer organization advisors. The consortium aims to address the key sources of inefficiencies in the seed potato value chain in the benefit of the potato farmers.

Consortium partners are:

Uganda National Seed Potato Producers Association UNSPPA
Kisoro Potato Processing Industries Ltd KPPIL (French Fries)
National Agricultural Research Organization NARO
Hollanda Fair Foods Uganda HFFU (crisps)
Agriterra; NGO supporting farmers organizations

Part of this project is establishing a centre of expertise. The Centre of Expertise is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2022
The centre of Excellence will offer a variety of services for various target groups to cater to all stakeholders involved:

For Farmers:
Demonstration fields to show Good Agricultural Practices in regard to potato growing for both seed and ware potatoes. These demonstration fields will include GAP such as:

  • The implementation of crop rotation and its benefits.
  • Trials to indicate different potato seed varieties and their potential to fetch better derived revenues.
  • Demonstration of seed potato propagation techniques
  • Demonstrations on innovative, climate friendly, technical solutions such as solar energy, ICT applications for crop data tracking.
  • Management support decisions.
  • Irrigation techniques.
  • Soil testing and soil management facility for farmers.

For professionals:

  • A research facility
  • Activities such as tailored trainings for extension officers, lead farmers, farmers.
  • Expositions and agricultural fairs
  • Field days to showcase the demo sites of the Centre of Excellence to draw potential partners.
  • Networking place for external businesses to enter the local potato value chain and other vegetable value chains.
  • Conference location
  • Accommodation for guest lecturers and speakers, senior trainers and agro tourists.
  • Training programs targeting large scale commercial farmers to send their farm managers to attend training programs.
  • Offer a place for potato/vegetable value chain actors to be hosted and offer their products or knowledge.