16 februari 2022

Toelichting CEO AgriFORCE op overname Delphy

Een artikel waarin AgriFORCE CEO Ingo Mueller toelicht wat de meerwaarde is van het samengaan met Delphy:

This acquisition is a key milestone for AgriFORCE. Along with Delphy’s existing revenue, this acquisition is an alliance of our complementary expertise and shared values. AgriFORCE and Delphy are dedicated to making positive change in the lives of farmers and consumers – and as we work together, we will make the most of this opportunity for innovation and expanded growth in North America, Europe, and eventually Asia and other regions, for both companies.

I hope our investors are excited about this acquisition and can see how valuable it is not only for AgriFORCE today, but also how it supports our global business strategy and M & A opportunities into the future as we work to further unlock the value of food and plant systems.


Lees hier het gehele artikel


Berichten overnemen mag uitsluitend met bronvermelding ‘Delphy’.