20 mai 2019

NEW: Advanced course Button Mushrooms

What does the smell of button mushroom substrate have to do with a data scientist? Both come together in this practical Advanced course Growing Mushrooms.

Delphy Mushrooms organises the first Advanced course Button Mushrooms. Experienced growing specialists will learn you all steps in successful mushroom growing, both working with substrate blocks and using the head-filling machine to fill substrate in shelves.

After this 30-day course you will be able to grow good quality mushrooms for fresh market combining practical skills and important theory by advanced growing lectures.During the course we offer you all aspects of 2 cultivation rounds including harvesting of the first flush on the Delphy mushroom farm, you will grow both white and brown button mushrooms and we will address the differences between both strains to find out the most optimal settings for climate, optimize stagger and harvesting high quality mushrooms regarding your market sales.

30 days seems like a long period. But as we combine our digital growing portal QMS Mushrooms with a clear live video channel you will be able to follow the whole cultivation process “by remote”. This means that all growing processes and their settings can be followed live from all over the world. In total you are in The Netherlands for 8 days. During these 8 days you will learn how to operate all physical aspects of mushroom cultivation while facing deviations and possible problems. Together with course teachers we take on the challenge of discovering these defects in cultivation and you will be instructed to adapt the growing settings for obtaining the best results in button mushroom quality and productions. At the end of the course, an online webinar with the course teachers will give you the opportunity to discuss the final growing results and answer your questions.

Please refer to the Flyer-Advanced course Button Mushrooms for all the details about the contents of this course.

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