Online courses: “Fertilizing Soilless Cut Roses”

Delphy is launching Online Courses. In webinar series, Delphy’s expertise on many practical horticultural subjects will be made available without the need to travel – neither the grower, nor the consultant. Each series will consist of 3-5 sessions and is supported with documentation and short explanatory movies, that participants can use for preparation.

We run live webinars, in which there is a possibility of interaction with the instructor through polls and Q&A. Between the sessions, you can apply the new knowledge in your own situation by doing the assignments and receiving feedback from the experts. Registration and more information by sending us an email to onlinecourses @

These Online Courses will run in the coming months:

  • Fertilizing Soilless Cut Rose
  • This Online Course will deal with Nutrient Management in Soilless Cut Roses. Participants will learn how to calculate and to prepare the nutrient solution which is suitable for their crops (first session). They will learn how to interpret lab reports and practice that for their own situation (2nd session). In the last session they will be instructed on EC and pH management.
  • First session: tuesday april 3, 2019  9:00 and 17:00h CET,  Calculating nutrient solutions
  • Second session: tuesday april 10, 2019  9:00 and 17:00h CET, Interpreting lab analysis reports
  • Third session: tuesday april 17, 2019  9:00 and 17:00h CET,  EC and pH management
  • These courses are meant for rose growers and greenhouse managers
  • The courses will be run in English
  • ca. 50 minutes per session
  • Cost for the full series: € 950 excl. VAT
  • Registration and more information by sending an email to onlinecourses @
  • A week before the course starts you will receive an email with a link to the registration form and payment module. After payment and short before the course date you will receive the link to enter the session.