Online Course “Fertilizing Soilless Cut Roses”

Delphy provides an online course in Fertilizing Soilless Cut Roses. One course has 3 sessions about fertilizing soilless cut roses. Every session takes about 50 minutes and through polls and Q&A you can have interaction with the experts. Between the sessions, you can apply the new knowledge in your own situation by doing the assignments and receiving feedback from the experts. The course is English spoken and is meant for rose growers and greenhouse managers.

Themes to be treated are:
Session 1: Calculating and preparing the nutrient solution
Session 2: Interpreting lab analysis reports and how to apply in your own situation
Session 3: EC and pH management

Session dates for Fertilizing Soilless Cut Roses:
To be determined

Behind your computer, tablet or phone.

€ 950,= excluding VAT

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