Tree Nursing Practices & Management

Tree nursery products in pots and containers are a growing industry world wide. With the expertise of Delphy experts this course will provide knowledge and skills to upgrade your nursery production. The participants are international, (relatively) new and active in the middle or upper layer of the management.
This three days intensive course is mainly focussed on pot- and container cultivation, based on outside and indoor production.
Field trips to relevant companies are part of the course.

Course dates
To be determined. Please contact Delphy Education for more information.

Course Location
Boskoop, The Netherlands

Course Program (changes may occur for organisational reasons)
The program below could be adjusted to the demands of a group of participants.

Day 1: General introduction Tree Nursery

  • Introduction of program, participants and Delphy.
  • General introduction tree nursery.  What are the different kind of cultivation methods?
  • Pot- and container cultivation. Strategy and opportunities.
  • Field visit to: Company with multiple cultivation methods. Visit to Delphy Improvement Centre.

Day 2: Plant physiology, climate and propagation

  • Plant physiology and introduction in climate.
    All processes in plant. Photosynthesis, respiration, transpiration.
  • How does the plant absurp water and fertilizer?
  • Propagation in nursery stock, special focus on cuttings.
  • Climate strategy for cuttings and greenhouse climate.
  • Field visit to: A nursery stock with propagation by cuttings.

Day 3: Potting soils, irrigation, fertilization, pest & diseases

  • Type of substrate/pottingsoil. Composition of a potting soil.
  • Fertilizer properties and strategy.
  • Irrigation and water quality.
  • Interpretation of a potting soil analysis
  • Recognize pests & diseases.
  • Weed control.
  • Field visit to: A commercial tree nursery  with pot and container cultivation

€ 2.250,= per person, excluding VAT.

Registration or more information?

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