Introduction to strawberry cultivation

Due to corona, this training has been cancelled. We are looking for possibilities to offer this training as an online training.

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Strawberry cultivation is increasingly important in horticulture worldwide. With the expertise of consultants of Delphy this course will provide knowledge and skills to upgrade your strawberry production. The participants are international, (relatively) new in strawberry cultivation and are active in middle of upper layer of management.
During this three-day intensive course physiology and strawberry cultivation production, mainly in greenhouse but also in tunnel- and table top, will be highlighted.
Field trips to relevant companies are part of the course.

The outline below is a proposed outline and will be adjusted for each group of participants to fully meet their demands.

Course dates
To be determined

Course Location
Bleiswijk, The Netherlands

Course Program (changes may occur for organisational reasons)

Day 1: General introduction strawberry cultivation & Plant morphology

  • Introduction of program, participants and Delphy
  • General introduction Strawberry
  • Field visit to the trials at Delphy Improvement Centre
  • Strawberry morphology & life cycle
    A closer look to the strawberry plant. Photo period response groups. Plant morphology and lifecycle of the plant.
  • Field visit to strawberry grower

Day 2: Plant physiology & Climate

  • Plant physiology and introduction climate
    All processes in plant. Photsynthesis, respiration, transpiration, etc. and their relations for optimization of production. Generative/vegetative. Mollier diagram.
  • Climate strategy strawberry
    Greenhouse climate used in strawberry production including Next Generation Climate.
  • Field visits to strawberry growers

Day 3: Irrigation, fertilizer & pest diseases

  • Irrigation general introduction
    How does the plant take up water and fertilizer. Relation with humidity, temperature and radiation.
  • Irrigation and fertigation strategy strawberry
    Waterstrategy and nutrients in strawberry; how to apply, function, problems specific for strawberry cultivation.
  • Pests & Diseases
    Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to control pests by monitoring and using benificial insects that eat or parasitize target pests. The use of chemicals is reduced to a minimum level only for support of biological control.
  • Propagation & flowermapping
  • Field visit to be determined

€ 2.250,- (excluding VAT)

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    Introduction to strawberry cultivation 2020

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