Introduction to basics of Fertigation in Horticulture (Online course)

When you use solid fertilizers, they are dissolved in water. One speak about molecules when it is in solid form as soon as the fertilizer is dissolved in water it will turn into ions. Ions have an electric charge. When plants absorb ions, this has an effect on the pH.’

For whom?
For anybody who would like to learn more about fertigation in horticulture. This course is intended for participants without experience in horticulture and no preliminary education with chemistry.

What do you learn?
In this course you will learn the basic concepts about fertigation. Concepts such as molecule, ion, millimole, pH and EC are treated. The course will include examples and exercises for excellent learning. After succesfully attended this course, you can start with the next level: Fertigation in Horticulture Course.

How to learn?
This course is given online by the teacher. You participate by listening to the lectures and discuss the topics with the teacher. You can ask questions and have to make the exercises. It is a real life class, not a webinar.

The result
Your level of education is basic fertigation. This will give you entrance to participate the course Fertigation in Horticulture. You will receive a certificate of participation.

Practical information

Target audience Everyone
Prior education Non
Language English
Duration 5 online classes of 1,5 hour each
Training dates 2022 Dates will be announced later
Investment € 495,- excluding VAT and administration costs


Information or registration
For more information or registration, please contact