Greenhouse Management Hightech cultivation (2023 – Online course, North America Times)

Green-fingers are not genetically determined but available for everyone

What do you learn?

Cultivation in greenhouses is a combination of green-fingers and hightech. To use the technology efficiently, knowledge of plant processes is required. By the correct interpretation of the plant condition, the optimal decisions can be made in climate and water strategy.

During the online course, the individual plant processes will be explained and translated into actions. The course is interactive, in small groups with exercises and discussions everyone is being challenged to practice the theory. After the training every participant will receive a certificate of participation.


Course 8 lessons
Where Online (Teams)
Cursusdate 2023 Dates will be announced soon
Language English
Duration 1,5h per lesson, 15.30 h till 17.00 h (Dutch time)
Investment per person € 850,- excluding VAT and administration costs (€ 11,50)
Requirement Good level of English language
Preferably working position in horticultural industry


What is being achieved?

  • Participants know the 10 concepts (see picture) and how to place them in context;
  • Know the 3 plant processes and how to optimize these processes;
  • Relations between greenhouse climate factors and their effect on yield and quality;
  • The participant understands how the plant uses the water and nutrients.

Content of lessons

Lesson 1 Industrial cultivation in protected circumstances like greenhouses 3 plant processes photosynthesis, respiration, transpiration
Lesson 2 CO2; Sink/Source  Assimilates
Lesson 3 LAI; relation yield and quality. What is optimal; how to influence
Lesson 4 Greenhouse climate introduction
Lesson 5 Climate focus on humidity
Lesson 6 Light; sunlight and artificial light; screen use
Lesson 7 Watersupply in relation to plantgrowth
Lesson 8 Fertigation: Macro and micro elements; pH; EC; effect in cultivation