Team Tree Cultivation and Perennials

The tree breeding sector is very diverse. As in other sectors the increase in production scale is an ongoing process. Large, strong and specialised companies are putting their efforts in organising sales to gardening centres, D.I.Y. shops, and retail networks. Other companies have specialised themselves in the production of starting material. Mechanisation and optimisation of the cultivation is necessary to keep control over the cost price.

The Team Tree Breeding and Perennials of Delphy consists of 9 advisors and 1 employee for back office support. The advisors provide guidance and support to nurseries all over the Netherlands and Europe in the cultivation of tree products and of perennials.

To do business successfully, it is vital to regularly scrutinise your own operational management and respond adequately to new developments. We take a fresh, new look at your company and can assist you in making complicated strategic choices. We help to think with you and underpin the choices with hard figures.

Do you want to know the cost price of your products, or do you need a sound business plan or a financial planning? Delphy can also advise you when it comes to financial aspects.

Not purely concentrating on the figures, but also with the right insight into the daily practice!

Our products and services consists of:

  • QMS® tree cultivation
  • Company consultancy and cultivation advice
  • Strategic and economic advice
  • Soil, water and fertilizer
  • Technology and equipment
  • Courses / spraying license
  • Practical research
  • Projects
  • Sustainable cultivation
  • Crop protection