Team Soft Fruit

Strawberry cultivation

The Team Strawberries of Delphy is the largest and most experienced advisory group for the strawberry culture in the Netherlands. For each cultivation method the Team’s advisors provide intensive crop guidance and tailored advice. Besides in the Netherlands the team is also active in Belgium, France, England, Germany, Spain and Scandinavia. Advisors have expertise in different cultivation methods, but has also ample experience in plant propagation, and in the organisational and financial management of strawberry nurseries.

In co-operation with other parties the Team Strawberries of Delphy performs practical researches. We can serve you with advisory on both technical and managerial level. The advice is always based on the most recent developments from the daily practice and from research. With the help of a combined technical-economical analysis you will gain insight in points for improvement within your company. Questions that form a point of focus are “How can I prepare for market opportunities?”, “Which variety and which cultivation technique will suit me best?” and “Which developments are important for my company decisions?”

Overview of products and services

  • Drawing up of cropping plans and – systems
  • Climate monitoring: advice with regard to the adjusting of climate control computers
  • Fertilisation advice in field cultivation and in substrate, calculation of fertilisation schemes
  • Analysis of the water quality
  • Advice on (integrated) plant protection
  • Drawing up of crop balances
  • Advisory on eco-friendly cultivation
  • Storage monitoring with the help of data loggers
  • Substrate cultivation: selection of cultivation system, substrate and technical equipment
  • Cost price analysis
  • Company analysis: strengths/weaknesses – opportunities/threats analysis
  • “Actua” newsletter
  • Fax service SQMS

Field vegetable cultivation

The cultivation of field vegetables is still an important pillar under horticultural food production sector in the Netherlands. Delphy employs advisors who have field vegetables cultivation as their field of expertise and who have built up extensive experience in guiding vegetables producing companies both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Besides for guidance on an individual basis, experts on field vegetables cultivation are regularly called upon for their services in the implementation of projects, both by governmental institutions and by private (research) institutes.

The advisors field vegetables are employed in various teams within the Delphy organisation so that the exchange of knowledge and expertise between sectors is safeguarded.