Team Research Spray Technique Arable Farming

Delphy has developed a spraying machine for research and demonstration of the various spraying techniques. In addition to conventional spraying, the machine is equipped with air support, air fluid caps and WingsSprayer. Techniques are widely known about the effect on droplet size and emission, but there is insufficient knowledge about the relationship between spray technology and the effectiveness of a spray in all kinds of crop organism combinations. There are questions like:

  • Does another technique contribute to a better spraying result?
  • Does less emission and / or a coarser drop lead to better or lesser effectiveness?

By testing trials with this innovation spray machine we work on answering these questions and we are working on further optimization of technology, crop and remedies. The grower can thus optimize crop protection results, chemical manufacturers can refine the use of their remedies, and environmental pressure will decrease with this optimization.

For more information please contact:

Johan Wander
M +31 6 51 37 64 89