Team Research Small Fruit

Delphy Team Research Small Fruit keeps the Netherlands in its leading edge position as the production center for soft consume fruits through its activities. The expertise gained through practical research, innovation and the application of knowledge in practice are combined with a results driven ‘renewing company’. Team Soft Fruit is supported by experts from the working fields of crop protection, growing, climate, fertilization and plant development.

What could Team Team Research Small Fruit mean for you?

The Team Research Small Fruit research has facilities to undertake independent research, to achieve renewed products and applying knowledge to entrepreneurs in the sector. Kick also offers services of practice directed courses in the area of skills, a diagnosis service for soft consumer fruits and breed research.

Many (demo) tests are set up for growing systems, plant systems, crop protection, growing, fertilizing and substrates tests for red currents, raspberries and brambles annually.
Currently we are looking for a new location.


Delphy Team Soft Fruit is in contact with growers, produces, suppliers and organisations who have an interest in the full perspective of professional soft fruit sector. Actual topics upon which we focus:

  • Innovative growing system
  • (Biological and IP) crop protection
  • Fertilizing, water strategy and substrates
  • Breeding and varieties research/Testing
  • Storage, cool techniques
  • Purity of plant material/self-live of fruits
  • Market development

The Delphy Team Soft Fruit generates knowledge with added value for the entire small edible fruits (berries) sector, a unique initiative in the Netherlands. Knowledge development and application are necessary to comply with the growing professionalization in the sector. Opportunities, for example in innovations and improved return on investment, may be realised via the research and development.

Would you like to know more?

Please contact us to set up your specific needs into a solid plan. We deliver quality at a competitive price.


Willem van Eldik
Sr. Advisor Soft Fuit
M +31 6 53 37 45 38


Gondy Heijerman
Sr. Researcher Soft fruit
M +31 6 82 92 28 05