Team Projects and Innovations

The international advisory service of Delphy has the objective to support growers worldwide and to develop new projects. This often concerns (greenhouse) horticultural projects in areas where knowledge is required for crop growing in modern greenhouses. Delphy provides professional growers on temporary basis, trains the local management, and gives advice on site as well as through remote support.

The mission of Delphy is to make projects (financially) feasible. Advisors provide active support in the sourcing and identification of finance and subsidies for projects, if so desired on a ‘no cure no pay’ basis.

In order to develop a good project it is essential to have a good match between parties. Delphy receives many requests for setting up co-operations with partners. After a thorough inventory and screening of the wishes, these are uploaded into Delphy’s worldwide network. Where it is necessary Delphy facilitates the process of introduction and getting acquainted.

Besides the main office in the Netherlands Delphy also has a branch office in:
East Africa
Latin America
Great Britain