Team North- and West-Africa

Team North and West Africa focuses on providing climate smart agriculture trainings, both in open fields and greenhouses, to support employment opportunities and food sovereignty in these regions. The objective of our local projects is to strengthen partnerships, institutional collaboration and improve the local knowledge infrastructure. With each project, we collaborate with local partners to ensure our tailor made trainings are embedded in the local context. In addition to increasing the theoretical and practical knowledge base of farmers and vocational training teachers, we also focus on entrepreneurship, in order to strengthen the private sector in each of our focus countries.

The countries where we are currently active are Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Guinee and Senegal. Some of the activities within our projects include:

  •  Improving farmers’ daily practices
  • Strengthening post-harvest systems
  • Training of trainers, including lead farmers
  • Conduct feasibility studies of new (commercial) projects
  • Setting up training and research centres in collaboration with our local partners, for instance the Knowledge & Innovation Center (KIC) in Jordan, together with ECO Consult

Furthermore, we are currently developing a local Delphy team in Egypt, to strengthen our position and local knowledge in the region. Since the last 2 years, we have specialised in blended learning, by combining field visits with digital trainings from our open field and horticultural experts all over the world. The focus of these trainings is to combine high-tech agricultural knowledge with local issues and to adapt these solutions to each locality. We have also recently started to introduce data-driven agriculture, in collaboration with Delphy-Digital.

Below some of our projects:

Make Horticultural Knowledge Work – Jordan/Iraq

Iraq Horticulture Development – Iraq

Activities of team NWA in Tunisia