Team Greenhouse Vegetables

For the team Greenhouse Vegetables knowledge development is central. We develop knowledge inside the Improvement Centre, where every main crop has a trial. We work from the following three points:

Every team consists out of experts from diverse specialisms. Every client always has an expert focused towards the client. From every main crop we execute a trial inside the Improvement Centre with the goal to develop knowledge. We use and apply this knowledge that comes from abroad, to continuously monitor and use the developments.

The Approach of team Greenhouse Vegetables

This team has regular meetings where knowledge is shared and answers to upcoming questions in the sector are addressed, discussed and an approach is defined. Every client benefits from the expertise of the entire team.

We know our experts and make sure the right person is on the right place. Big companies with multiple crops are supplied with two experts, for example tomato and cucumber. Or an expert for strategic advice and one for operational advice.

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