Delphy Improvement Centre (Horticulture)

Delphy Improvement Centre is your partner for research, knowledge development and demonstration in greenhouse horticulture. In our modern greenhouse facility we develop, test and demonstrate new cultivation concepts and greenhouse technologies from all over the world. All our efforts contribute to a more sustainable and profitable greenhouse horticulture worldwide. Development of cultivation systems and (applied) research in the field of:

• (LED) Lighting
• Energy saving
• Digitization (sensors, models and demonstration)
• Variety Research
• Plant health

Participation in the Delphy Improvement Centre entitles you to:

  • Carrying out research and testing on a practical scale.
  • Demonstration of your products to invited guests.
  • Knowledge exchange with guests, other participants, colleagues and Delphy
    (we receive about 5.000 visitors a year).

Compartment structure

The Improvement Centre has:

  •   7 compartments of 1.000 m2
  • 12 compartments of 150 m2
  •   4 compartment of 250m2
  •   4 daylight-free research facilities (Vertical Farming)

Climate, substrate, CO2, screening, etc. can be regulated within every compartment. Multiple factors related to the cultivation process can be simultaneously sampled or tested.

Research at the Delphy Improvement Centre

The Delphy Improvement Centre executed cultivation related experiments in all kinds of crops. This leads to new cultivation concepts and new know-how. Variety trials for breeding companies are also part of the research activities.

Experiments are established in close coordination with our target audience: the grower. The knowledge should focus on the question of the entrepreneur, therefore each experiment is set up with a so-called guidance committee of growers. Through intensive consultancy participators learn how a result is achieved or even how it is not yet possible. A cultivation expert is often part of the guidance committee of growers which ensures practical knowledge being available.

Sharing the knowledge from experiments

In total, more than 300 growers and clients visit the Delphy Improvement Centre weekly or monthly with their relations to evaluate the experiments. The gained knowledge is shared with a wider public of growers and other interested people through knowledge days and articles in the press. Because of the practical focus of the Delphy Improvement Centre nearly 5.000 (inter)national guests visit the Delphy Improvement Centre annually.

Recognised Research Institute

Improvement Centre BV is an official Research Institute recognised by the Dutch government. Improvement Centre BV also executes a lot of privately financed experiments and has a close connection with the practical circumstances. These assignments originate from suppliers and grower (groups) that actively participate in the set-up and guidance of the experiments.

Actual overview of the current experiments

1. Private Research

2. Year round production of pepper under LED light

3.1 Private Research

3.2 Private Research

3.3 Private Research

3.4 Cucumber

3.5 Private Research

4. Private Research

5. Chrysanthemum with 210 μmol/m2/s energy efficient LED

6. A fossil free tomato cultivation with LED

7. Private Research

8. Private Research by Hazera

9. Private Research

10.1 Demonstration of different trials with horticultural crops

10.2 Phalaenopsis grown sustainably

10.3 Phalaenopsis grown sustainably

10.4 Demonstration of a fossil free cltivation concept in bedding plants

10.5 Private Research

11. Lily sustainably grown with LED light

Fieldlab Vertical Farming Zuid Holland

For more information or questions about our projects please contact the project leader or Lisanne Helmus – Schuddebeurs.

Contact details

Delphy Improvement Centre
Violierenweg 3
2665 MV Bleiswijk
T +31 10 522 1771

Lisanne Helmus – Schuddebeurs