Team Delphy Digital

Delphy is the global service provider focused on optimizing cultivation and production related processes regarding food & flowers.

Why Off-site Crop Management?

The fast worldwide spread of greenhouse technology causes an increasing necessity for knowledge. Delphy sees the importance of knowledge and believes that it should be available for everyone, everywhere. Off-site Crop Management makes knowledge available and creates the opportunity to improve the process efficiency of greenhouse covered crops.

With a passionate team who believe in intensive guidance, the operational efficiency and final product quality can be increased. Together we will strive to have the lowest possible input with the highest possible output of the necessary quality for your market. With passion for food and flowers the Off-site Crop Management team is sharing their knowledge with growers, investors and advisors in every climate zone around the world.

What is our approach?

Providing Off-site Crop Management from a distance requires experienced specialists. The Off-site Crop Management team is using the latest (Dutch) knowledge and our wide experience in crop monitoring. We can provide equipment such as cameras to high and mid tech greenhouses around the globe to gain an even better insight in the operations of the company. Any controllable climate around the world can benefit from this approach. Our team is available to help growers with any problem or questions they might face within their greenhouses. Our team is set-up to be a safety net and a consistent pro-active partner. We believe that fast and direct contact is essential and the transfer of knowledge is key in our approach.

How is it set-up?

Through a mathematical approach using various calculation tools such as the GreenScheduler®, we can generate production prognoses, plant related insights and strategies. Together we discuss the shared data, such as the weekly plant registration form, pictures that are taken, the images from the cameras and of course the data from the climate computer. Based on the calculations and registrations the cultivation strategy for the coming weeks are made and presented in a detailed report. The transferred knowledge is hereby secured.


Our Off-site Crop Management team is ready to optimize your crop from a distance. If you are interested and would like to know more about the approach or any other question you might have, feel free to contact us.

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