Team Delphy Digital

Digital management of your cultivation. Optimize your cultivation by using your own data!


Data is becoming more and more important in the agricultural sector. New techniques make it possible to exchange data easier and faster. Besides this, more and more sensors become available to help you measure crop development and important environmental factors. Delphy Digital uses data from your cultivation to develop smart solutions for your crop management. Data-driven models and systems translate data into advice and actions for optimizing cultivation management.

The added value for you!

For years, cultivation and decision models are used by growers and consultants under the name Quality Management System (QMS). Data is gathered, analysed, presented and used to determine the optimal cultivation strategy. The data that you make available is converted into predictions and advice with the help of smart models and artificial intelligence. Considerations on strategic, tactical and operational level is supported by the use of all relevant data. With the use of QMS there is continuous monitoring of the cultivation, errors are prevented and deviations are being noticed earlier. By support of these models cultivation managers are able to manage larger areas without compromising on quality. With this Delphy Digital creates added value for your company!

Greenhouse horticulture

The high-tech glasshouse horticulture offers different possibilities for data-driven applications. QMS tomato, cucumber, chrysanthemum, strawberry, lily and phalaenopsis are known and used applications. By having data analysed by advanced models, your data can help you make important decisions in the cultivation process. Such as making, implementing and monitoring a structured cultivation plan. In addition, it is possible to control your cultivation autonomously while a Delphy consultant proactively monitors the process.

Tree cultivation, fruit cultivation, flower bulbs and field vegetables

All the data of your company can be used to optimize your cultivation. Through different modules in QMS your data is analysed and with dynamic models a crop specific prediction is generated. Examples of models in tree cultivation are a warning model for diseases and insects which gives an optimal spraying moment or an irrigation planner. In the fruit cultivation, your data is translated into harvest forecast, warning model for diseases and insects, irrigation advices or crop load prediction to achieve the right fruit set or thinning.

Arabale farming

In arable farming, there is already a lot of data that can be collected and on which a management advice can be given. Through sensors, yield potential, ground- and crop analyses etc. data-driven decisions can be made. The central question here is: Which data is relevant for management optimization and how to translate the data into the right actions? Examples of this are place specific applications of fertilizers and crop protection agents and customized work with regards to tillage.


There are a lot of new developments going on, be sure to contact your consultant or Delphy Digital to be up to date on the latest developments!
Or first take a look at a short movie about digitalisation in tomatoes! (English spoken en subtitled).