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Crop Appraisals

As an entrepreneur, you are daily between your crops. The crops outside the field or in the greenhouse are exposed to the most diverse factors. The climate changes: extreme rain, wind or hail can destroy your crop in one blow.

Early registration of the damage is crucial in the event of a discussion about the damage cause. We prefer the damage cause at an early stage so that it becomes clear who can be held liable.

Third parties can also provide a large amount of damage. The most common cause is damage caused by the spraying of spray liquids with plant protection products. In addition, damage is caused as a result of, inter alia, combustion of fertilizers (equipment), equipment malfunctions, structural damage to the soil by soil work, supply and quality of plant material and glass fractures. In addition, it may be necessary to determine the value of your crops when taking stock.

Crop appraisals by Delphy

Delphy has its own team (with national coverage), in which experts from each plant area are represented. You can go here for:

  • Valuations for the insurance
  • Appreciation of crops / crops
  • Valuations regarding tax aspects
  • Determining the cause of damage

Delphy, also for a second opinion

Fortunately, you can ensure visibility against damage. In extremely bad weather insurance companies sometimes get hundreds of reports of crop damage. An expert makes an assessment of crop damage. In case of greater damage, it is advisable to turn on your own expert in addition to the insurance company’s expert for a second opinion.

The self-employed Delphy Expert knows the complexity of your specific cultivation and can diagnose right at the start of the damage.


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