Team Arable Farming and Field Vegetables South East Netherlands

There are various developments in the market that have an impact on your farm management. Examples of such developments are the increasing scale of production, governmental policies on manure and manure management, crop protection chemicals, chain integration and internationalisation that each force you to make adjustments or that give you the opportunity to grow.

It is your ambition to optimise your cultivation and with that the results of your farm. Team Arable Farming & Field Vegetables of Delphy is aware of the problems and opportunities of your farm and of yourself as entrepreneur. Together with the crop advisor of Delphy you will be able to achieve an optimal result.

Scope of advice

  • Farm advisory
  • Discussion of cropping or cultivation plan
  • Advisory on soil, fertilisation and water
  • Crop protection
  • Advisory on storage and preservation
  • Advice on company management
  • Economical business analysis
  • Quality and chain management
  • Advisory on ecological farming
  • Administrative support

Farm Advisory
Integral farm monitoring and guidance by Delphy includes all aspects that are related to the cultivation and are further described in the following paragraphs.

Cropping or cultivation plan
Within the context of the cropping or cultivation plan for the entire farm several aspects are discussed, amongst which the selection of plots, selection of varieties, and seed rates. The cultivation plan is tuned with the specific situation and circumstances at the farm. Part of this advisory is also fertilisation and up to date information on all current cultivation techniques.

Soil, fertilisation & water
Central in the advice on soil and water are the improvement of the soil fertility and the growing of a safe crop. We will serve you on all your questions about:

  • Soil condition and availability of organic matter
  • Nematode problems
  • Soil improvement on top – or deep soil level
  • Irrigation measures and efficient spray irrigation
  • Mineral management: bringing your fertilisation to a higher level

Plant protection
When fighting diseases and pests in your crop, you want an advice that is efficient and cheap, and that fits with your working practice. The advice will involve many different issues: handling crop chemicals, spray-free buffer zones and the selection of low drift nozzles.

Harvesting & storage
In the process of formulating an advice on harvesting and storage we inventory the quality of both the product before and after harvesting. Also after harvesting – in the storage – we can monitor your products. For example potatoes can be assessed on quality standards for the French fries industry in accordance with CKA-conditions. You will receive a report on your production lot and, if you wish so, a cross-reference with the results of your colleagues.

Management advice
Good Entrepreneurship is of vital importance for a healthy company. Delphy can serve you with advice on management issues and on sideline work.

Economical business analysis
An analysis of your business will give you insight in the economical ins and outs on your farm. Bottlenecks will be identified. Solutions will be calculated and included in the costs so that the consequences for the future are made visible. As a result the points of attention in the development of your farm in the near future can be made clear.

Quality – and chain management
The influence of the buyer and of the consumer on the production is gaining ground. The hygiene code, EurepGAP and certification are examples of demands from the chain. The advice is intended to draw up a description of the processes within your company of the implementation and of the compliance with the quality system in the daily practice.

Organic farming
The transformation to organic farming is a big step with many consequences. This requires a thorough preparation and a plan to realise this. For this Delphy has different specialists available.

Administrative support
We can also look after all paperwork that is involved in, for example, the application and administration of subsidies, or we can look after the monitoring of the consequences for your farm due to the various (changes in) legislations.