Team Flower Bulbs and Bulb Flowers

The Team Flower Bulbs and Bulb Flowers of Delphy is an enthusiastic and independent group of advisors with an extensive experience in the daily practice of flower bulb – and bulb flower cultivation.

Our consultancy activities consists of:

  • Conservation: by measuring refrigeration and storage cells, advice on ventilation, circulation, storage temperature and treatment regimens for forcing.
  • Crop protection: advice on disinfection bulbs, weed control during cultivation or create control schemes for example, fire and virus. Advice on detecting pests and diseases during cultivation and storage.
  • Soil and fertilization: assessment of rent land structure and drainage to prevent major agronomic problems. Advice on drainage, tillage and fertilization.
  • Prudential and strategic advice.
  • Crops: tulip, lilie, daffodil, hyacinth, muscari and dahlia

More information: Guus Braam