Delphy Rwanda

Delphy has opened a local office in Kigali (Delphy Rwanda Ltd.) located at KG 173 St next to Grand Legacy hotel in Kigali, Gasabo District. The Delphy Rwanda office is being managed by Lisette Meulman.

Delphy carries out various assignments in open cultivation and fruit cultivation in Rwanda. Together with a cultivation technical colleague in Northern Rwanda, we provide practical support, training and conduct research for studies on a daily basis. Currently, Delphy is the lead partner of a 4-year Sustainable Development Goals Partnership Project “Increased Potato Value Chain Efficiency in the Great Lakes Region” 2019-2023. The project is designed to create an efficient value chain for seed and consumption potatoes in Rwanda together with different stakeholders to strenghten each other. The aim is to improve the quality of the potatoes and to strengthen the chain; improve market dynamics; build a sustainable chain that continues to exist even after the project period; and ultimately contribute to the government’s goal of a food secure Rwanda.

Overall, Delphy Rwanda is continuously involved in providing training on best agricultural practices and setting up new trials and demonstrations.

Are you looking for a local partner for technical cultivation support and/or setting up, strengthening or improving a value chain? Then feel free to contact us!