Delphy Kazakhstan

Delphy – independent expert company for plant related sectors

  • Our specialists consult in all types of works for protected and open soil cultivations
  • We train personnel and arrange seminars in key issues of horticultural production of vegetables, fruits and decorative plants
  • We provide growing support to horticultural complexes providing long-time services of growers-agronomists, consultants and remote support.
  • We make quick scans or technological audits of horticultural complexes
  • New project development from concept to implementation, including new projects of vertical farms
  • Feasibility studies and functional design of new horticultural projects for vegetable, fruit or decorative plants production
  • Develop and implement digital models and autonomous control systems of horticultural processes
  • Arrange study tours to our Innovative Centers for vegetables and soft fruits in the Netherlands

For more information please write or call:

Anna Pashkevich
T +7 921 946 80 77
WhatsApp +7 921 772 02 00

Arnoud van Boven (in the Netherlands)

Full list of implemented works and projects is available upon request.